Contract Vacuum Packaging

You can take advantage of the benefits of vacuum-packing without the need to purchase a machine with our vacuum-packing service. We can pack a wide variey of items for your business using our in-house vacuum packing machines.

Contract Vacuum Packaging Service

Items such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals, Medical and Chemical Products
  • Electronic Components and Mechanical Parts
  • Money and Documents
  • Industrial Products

There are small variations for different makes or sizes of machine.

Working as an extension of your own business on an outsourcing basis, no job is too small or too large for our dedicated team. From one-off small batches to high-volume continuous runs, our service is cost effective, secure, confidential and reliable.

To find out more about our contract vacuum packing services please navigate our website, call our team on +91 7483994577 or email

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