Vacuum Packing Machine Repair Service

We know the importance to you of having your machine serviceable. We provide a vacuum packaging maintenance and repair service throughout India to the Wholesale and Retail Food, Restaurant, Hotel and Catering Trades.

At Vacuum Pack we can repair and service all makes of vacuum packaging machines and other food machinery. We can also supply a wide range of food and tray packaging and have access to a wide range of new and used food machinery for sale.

We have trained engineers who can provide a quick response to customers who need emergency repairs and routine servicing of vacuum packaging machines and other food machinery.

Routine servicing and in house maintenance contracts can be arranged from the humble food slicer and bag sealers through to Vacuum Packaging machines, and tray packing machines.

Within our service area we aim to respond within 24 hours.

Our Service and Terms

According with standard practices we charge call-out and travel plus labour per hour with same day or 24 hour response whenever possible.

We do not normally charge a call-out for pre-planned servicing at a reasonable distance from our factory. Any non-scheduled repair call would invoke a call out charge. Labour is always charged.

Vacuum Packaging Machine Repair Service

Routine Service

A routine service generally involves the following:

  • Pump oil change
  • Oil filter change – where fitted
  • Replacement of seal wire
  • Replacement of seal tape
  • Replacement of exhaust filters at approximately annual intervals – (less frequently for low usage machines)

There are small variations for different makes or sizes of machine.

Cost Groups

As a guide – the cost of replacement materials varies between machines depending on the make, model and pump size. Cost groups are approximately:

  • Smaller and table top machines
  • Medium size free standing
  • Larger free standing machines
  • Large double chamber machines which can be quoted depending on the model

Servicing does not include normal user cleaning unless removed to our factory for repair. An average service time would be about an hour, excluding additional work.

Additional work discovered on a service will be referred to the person managing the site for authorisation before it is undertaken and an approximate estimate will be given. If not carried out when advised a further call out charge may be incurred.

Our Clients