Vacuum Packing Machine Spare Parts

At Vacuum Pack we manufacture individual machine components. This means we have the specialist skills necessary to make exceptional quality spare parts for your machine.

All packaging machinery will use spare parts that will require replacement with continued use. We can usually provide parts on a next day delivery basis. Our prices will offer you considerable savings on the OEM prices. For all makes and models we can offer seal wire, teflon tape, hood seals, silicon pads, sealing transformers, air bellows, vacuum/vent valve diaphragms and serrated cutting blades.

Our team of qualified service staff will provide you with competent advice and directly accept your spare part order. Vacuum Pack spare parts protect your Vacuum Pack machine and ensure safe, reliable and efficient production. They guarantee maximum output and lifespan, as well as long-term security for your investment.

Our in-house capabilities also mean that we carry a large range of parts in stock and can guarantee your spare part will be delivered and fitted quickly and accurately. Thanks to our modern and efficient spare parts management, your order is shipped on the same day – and even quicker if you wish.

Controllers, PCB’s, Touch Panels/membranes and Electronic Systems

  • To suit all makes and models of vacuum packaging machines. We also offer a repair service for faulty electronic components with numerous test simulators and loan boards/controllers.

Sealing Systems

  • Seal Elements, ranging from 3.0mm to 10.0mm. Reflex, taper, flat, chamfered and specialty premade elements.
  • Trim/Cut Elements, ranging from 0.90mm to 1.5mm round, T-profile, Filoflex and D-profile
  • Teflon Tapes – full adhesive, non-adhesive and side adhesive with non-adhesive centre strip – assorted thickness and widths.
  • Durit backing strips and silicon glass underlays. Various widths available.
  • Silicon pressure rubbers and silicones
  • Air bellows/cushions and associated parts

Messner Vacuum Valves And Parts

  • Complete Vacuum Valves and all spare parts
  • Vacuum Seal Cylinders and all spare parts
  • Huge range of solenoids and coils

Lid Seals

  • Lid seals to suit Henkelman, Intevac, Intervac, Henkovac, Austvac, Webomatic, EVAC, Tecnotrip, VC999, Supervac, Eurovac and other makes of machines.
  • Various profiles made from silicon, rubber and foam.

Acrylic Lids

  • Replacement Acrylic lids to suit most bench top and small freestanding machines.

Vacuum Pumps

  • Busch, Rietschle and Becker vacuum pumps. Parts and oil mist separator elements/exhaust filters, oil filters and spare parts.

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