Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

We sell the complete range of Vacuum Packaging double chamber vacuum packers that are efficient, high capacity and built to last. Vacuum Packaging’s range of double chamber vacuum packers are reliable, durable and offer flexibility in volume production.

The machines can be equipped with semi-automatic or automatic cover movement for an even more efficient production. The double chambers can be equipped with an external pump. Designed for heavy duty, industrial performance, industrial quality; they are efficient, high capacity and built to last.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the size of products for better/easier storage, protect products.
  • The use of a vacuum packing machine is not just for food products, but they are widely used across many markets.
  • Removes 99.8% of air in the item and its container.
  • By removing air from items, the shelf life of the product can be extended.


Backery, cheese, coffee & tea, fruit & vegetables, industrial parts, meat & poultry, office supplies, packaging & logistics, pet food, shop, warehouse, food industry.

Simple Operation

The vacuum chamber is placed inside the lid. The operating staff places the product on one side of the table and swivels the lid on this side. The sealing begins as soon as the lid is pressed down.

Easy Maintenance

The sealing bars inside the lid are loosened with one grip. Special service covers allow a comfortable access to the vacuum pump and the switch cabinet on the side.

For food packaging, the bag packaging machine is especially suited for vacuum packaging of large-sized meat and fish (e. g., complete eels or salmon sides) or big pieces of cheese. Moreover, the interval vacuum function enables a special gentle packaging of soft and juicy food like minced meat, slices of meat loaves, cream or powders. In the non-food section, the machine is best suited for the packaging of electronic components like circuit boards and many more.

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