Chamber Type Vacuum Packing Machine in Bangalore

Chamber Type Vacuum Packing Machine

Chamber vacuum sealers offer a high level of vacuum and consistency with ease of use. This method of vacuum packaging is utilized when the highest level of vacuum possible is required (for example when packaging meat or cheese). Chamber vacuum sealer models vary from small tabletop units to large floor standing single and double vacuum chambers.

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Nozzle Type Vacuum Packing Machine in Bangalore

Nozzle Type Vacuum Packing Machine

Nozzle (snorkel) style vacuum sealers provide the most versatile method for vacuum packaging. Stainless steel nozzles extend into the bag and vacuum out the air. PAC’s industrial vacuum sealers can be equipped with gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Most vacuum sealers allow for the vacuum packaging of one or two bags per cycle depending upon model and bag specifications. Specialized sealers with multiple nozzles allow for multiple bags to be sealed per cycle.

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Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine in Bangalore

Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine

Thermoformers are packaging machines that start with a film for packaging film form the packages for foods. The packages are then sealed with vacuum, map or skin. Perfect for packaging fresh and processed meat, cheeses, fresh pasta, sandwiches, fish, bread and bakery products, Vacuum Pack thermoforming machines meet all the needs of small, medium, and large productions, ensuring efficiency and speed in format changes.

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The basic principle of vacuum packing something is simple. The complete removal of air from a bag or pouch, by means of a vacuum machine system, results in a packed product that is fully protected for storage, preservation or presentation. We are experts in supplying both the vacuum systems themselves as well as the range of consumable, specially tailored vacuum pouches to give a perfect all-round solution for anyone whose business requires their product to be vacuum packaged.

Like many packaging challenges, choosing the correct specification and complexity of a system or machine can vary greatly depending on the purposes for which the system is required. With this in mind, Vacuum Pack offers vacuum chamber machines in desktop and floor standing variations. Desktop vacuum packing machines are commonplace in fresh food retailers, particularly meat, deli and fish retailers where extending the lifespan of perishable food products is critical. This is achieved through vacuum packing which reduces the exposure to bacteria by entirely removing the air. Whichever vacuum system you choose, all those in our range are simple and easy to use and have a reputation for quality and reliability. Our vacuum sealing machines apply the same principles as our chamber machines but are constructed to make them better suited to pharmaceutical and medical vacuum packing operations.

Just as important as the machine in a vacuum packing process is the pouch into which the product is being vacuum sealed. Vacuum Pack has a good range of sizes available, manufactured to be ideal for use with the systems themselves.

For any information or advice about any of the products in our vacuum packing range visit the relevant product pages or call us and discusses your particular requirements and we will be happy to help.

Vacuum Packaging Uses

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging Machines are ideal for the catering industry, hotels, hospitals, pharma, supermarkets, butchers, delicatessens and restaurants. Designed with limited space in mind, our versatile compact vacuum sealer can sit neatly on your table top or you can choose from one of our larger units to include bigger pouch sizes.

Benefits Vacuum Packing

Professional Vacuum Packaging Machines

Save money and unnecessary wastage – Because of the process of vacuum packing there is no wasted material as it is shaped tightly around the product.

Increase product longevity – Vacuum packing removes of all the oxygen which affects food in a variety of different ways including; odour, colour, taste and texture which allows for longer storage.

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Table Top Vacuum Packing Machine in Bangalore

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Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine in Bangalore

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Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine in Bangalore

Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine

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