Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine

Thermoformers are packaging machines that start with a film for packaging film form the packages for foods. The packages are then sealed with vacuum, map or skin. Perfect for packaging fresh and processed meat, cheeses, fresh pasta, sandwiches, fish, bread and bakery products, Vacuum Pack thermoforming machines meet all the needs of small, medium, and large productions, ensuring efficiency and speed in format changes.

Vacuum Pack thermoformers shape flexible or rigid trays customized to your products and cover them with a plastic film to make them perfectly sealed. These machines are ideal for production where efficiency and speed are required.

A number of basic and optional features are offered for Vacuum Pack thermoformers to accommodate a wide range of products. Vacuum Pack can also build customized thermoformers to meet your specific needs.

Main Features

  • Cycle speed is adjustable by touch panel, easy to read and operate (with choice of multi-language)
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • High efficient European Vacuum Pump
  • Forming depth is adjustable
  • Machine can be set up for clear and printed film
  • Fast, simple, easy change over for die sets
  • Safety measures conform to CE regulations

The Perfect Solution

  • Creates cost-effective packaging moulded to the shape of your product.
  • Offers superior performance and is adapted to ongoing production.
  • Protects product from outside contaminants and extends food shelf life.
  • Creates hermetic packaging able to withstand freezing temperatures.


  • Food: to prevent oxidation, mildew, insect borers and dampness to maintain product freshness and to preserve
  • Electronic or metal parts: to avoid dampness and prevent rust
  • Extend product shelf life
  • Nice appearance
  • Available for special applications


Fresh meat, seafood, pickles, vegetables, agricultural products, fruit, vegetarian food, herbs, bean paste, prepared foods, electronic parts, precious metals, precision instruments, medical instruments and medicine...etc.


  • Date injecting, date thermal printing, labeling
  • Water cooling machine
  • Vacuum, Gas flushing, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)
  • Metal Detector
  • Different brands pumps (Chinese or Germany Busch)
  • Conveyor
  • Multiheads speed weigher
  • Different size and different materials

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