With vacuum pouches and chamber machines from Vacuum Pack vacuum packaging is simple and of the highest quality. Long service life, high reliability and best service are assured. Even untrained staff is able to pack safely and efficiently. Thus, Vacuum Pack vacuum chamber machines and vacuum pouches are the ideal solutions for butchers, restaurants, hotels, cheese factories, direct marketers and farm shops. They can also be used for a wide range of consumer and industrial goods.

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Vacuum Packaging Machines in Bangalore

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packing machine work by removing the air in a bag prior to sealing. Vacuum packing machine are used primarily for shelf life extension, volume reduction, and corrosion protection. Vacuum Pack manufactures one of the most extensive lines of industrial vacuum packaging machines in the industry. We specialize in industrial nozzle vacuum sealers that are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding industries. We also manufacture a full line of industrial chamber vacuum sealers, ranging in size from tabletop models to larger high production vacuum packing machines. Our experienced packaging engineers can also custom design and manufacture vacuum sealers for your unique requirements.

Vacuum Pouches in Bangalore

Vacuum Pouches

The largest supplier of vacuum pouches and packaging to the Indian food industry. We’ve been supplying vacuum packaging products to the India’s food and non-food industry since 2010.

Our vacuum packaging bags are designed to work with chamber vacuum packing machines; are perfect for sous vide and the storage of food and non-food items. The majority of our vacuum pouches are manufactured on-site to the highest standards, using high-quality materials. Our facility is BRC/IOP accredited and is AA rated.


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