Vertical Vacuum Packing Machine

The vertical vacuum packing machine is a practical machine which is developed according to the traditional type, to apply the bag size of the package vacuum package, the machine shell is carbon steel spray, with strong corrosion resistance.

The vacuum packing machine for sale is controlled by single chip microcomputer, and the sealing is air pressure type, completely change the traditional packaging sealing problem, the vacuum is very fast, just 2-3 seconds. Free from the limitations of product appearance and size, large or oddly shaped objects can be vacuum-packed.


  • The vacuum packaging machine adopts domestic leading technology. One machine can complete the vacuum, sealing.
  • The sealing method adopts the pressure type, the vacuum pumping speed is fast, the sealing is clean, smooth and firm.
  • The whole fish vacuum packing machine circuit is controlled by PLC controller, man-machine interface operating system, stable performance and anti-interference.
  • Can track the operation interface, to ensure the machine operation procedures intuitive.
  • The sponge silicone bar ensures good seal after venting.
  • Special anti-pressure hand function is added to ensure the safe operation of workers.
  • With brake casters, you can move your work place.
  • Advanced design, complete functions, reliable performance, good sealing strength, easy to use and maintain, it is an ideal fish vacuum packing machine at present.

The vacuum packing machine for sale applicable to electronic products, fabrics, cotton and wool products, food, etc. Vacuum packaging to reduce packaging volume, save your logistics costs, fill with nitrogen or other gases for food, vegetables, seafood, electronics, etc. Keep it fresh, and shock-proof.

Our vacuum packing machine has sold to India, UK and other countries, welcome to contact us for more details.


  • Model: DZ-600L
  • Power Supply: AC 220V/380V 50/60HZ
  • Hot Sealing Power: 600W
  • Vacuum Pump Power: 0.75KW
  • Sealing-bar Size: L:600mm,700mm,800mm,1000mm W:8mm,10mm
  • Vacuum Pump Stroke Volume: 20m3/h
  • Film Thickness (single): ≤0.18mm
  • Machine Size: 800*900*1900mm
  • Machine Weight: 255KGS

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